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Professional liability insurance with a customized safety and risk management program for physicians and other healthcare professionals.
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MPL Brokers is a professional liability coverage provider dedicated to meeting the malpractice insurance needs of healthcare professionals with security and confidence.

MPL Brokers works with CPP to provide the support you need to feel confident in your malpractice coverage. Their dedicated professionals work with you to manage applications and renewals, obtain policy issuance and certificates, facilitate claims reporting and coordinate related documentation.

The MPL Brokers team includes professionals with substantial experience in healthcare. They are prepared to handle any policy needs, from adding a provider to an existing policy to renewals to clarification on policy coverage.

Saxton & Stump is a legal and consulting firm serving clients in healthcare and numerous other industries in a wide range of legal and consulting services. In addition to a team of experienced lawyers and paralegals, the firm employs physicians, nurses, psychologists, physician reimbursement specialists, health policy thought leaders, and business experts.

CPP provides an aggressive loss control program through Saxton & Stump’s Healthcare Litigation and Risk Management team, assisting insureds in reducing liability risk through education, event management, and loss control services.

The team includes some of the most highly regarded healthcare industry professionals in the state, including experienced lawyers devoted to providing physicians and other healthcare professionals with advice in minimizing liability risk and clinical and risk management professionals who are also devoted to providing support to CPP insureds.

Empowering healthcare organizations through data analytics by measuring critical performance metrics to drive improvement and growth.

SE Healthcare provides software solutions to healthcare providers across the country. These solutions focus on collecting and analyzing specialty-specific patient feedback and physician performance data to discover areas of success, as well as safety gaps and other areas in need of improvement. This gives healthcare providers the information they need to refine their care, leading to enhanced safety and quality.

SE Healthcare’s platform and services:

In today’s healthcare environment, three common concerns face providers from the smallest one-person practice to the largest of health systems. At SE Healthcare, we refer to these common concerns as the Three R’s. You know them as Risk, Reputation, and Reimbursement. Navigating these Three R’s can be a tricky prospect for providers. That’s where we come in.

The Physician Empowerment™ Suite was designed to bring awareness and resulting solutions to light for mistakes that can lead to malpractice claims, physician burnout, poor reputation, and barriers to effective reimbursement negotiation. It has been developed by our team of nationally and internationally renowned physicians, legal and risk management thought leaders, healthcare consultants, and experienced business professionals. By supplying this invaluable asset, we help empower healthcare organizations

The Physician Empowerment™ Suite Difference:

  • Unique questions and content carefully formulated by healthcare thought leaders
  • Simple, easy-to-use, affordable platform to enhance user experience
  • Real-time, actionable insights to improve your decision making
  • Specialty-specific to gather the data that matters most
  • Credible data beyond the basics to also focus on critical topics like physician burnout, reimbursement, and patient engagement

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Advantage Insurance Management, LLC delivers trust, security, and expertise in risk and financial management by offering personalized service and trustworthy, innovative solutions, crafted to meet your exact needs.

Their role in CPP is to provide captive management services including accounting, preparing statutory statements, and other consultative services.

Johnson Lambert & Co. LLP is North America’s largest insurance-focused audit and tax firm and has served the insurance industry for over 25 years. Formed in 1986, Johnson Lambert has focused on distinct industry niches where they have distinguished themselves as technical experts with a unique depth of experience specifically relevant to their client’s needs.

Johnson Lambert has provided audit and tax services for CPP since its inception and continues to provide these services today.

In the U.S., Deloitte LLP and its subsidiaries have 45,000 professionals with a single focus: serving the needs of clients and helping them solve their toughest problems.

Deloitte provides all of the actuarial services for the CPP program.

Bank of America Corporation and Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. have joined forces, creating a leading banking and wealth management franchise, premier corporate, investment banking, and capital markets businesses.

The Dennis Johnson Folline King Group “the Team” is a partnership of professionals at Merrill Lynch that specializes in the alternative risk transfer space. The Team provides financial advisory services to captive insurance programs, ranging in size from $5 million to $150 million in assets. The combination of experience, intellectual capital, and the investment platform of Merrill Lynch enables us to give our investors comprehensive solutions for capital management. We focus on both sides of the balance sheet to develop and implement solutions that meet the business purpose of the RRG. Specific to investment management, our approach focuses on risk management and the preservation of capital. Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our investors built on trust, consistent communication, and confidentiality.

Ronnie Dennis serves as the lead advisor to CPP.

Abundance Wealth Counselors is an independently registered investment advisory firm. Abundance provides wealth management services to Physician Practices and individual physicians. In addition, Abundance acts in the role of a fiduciary to assist trustees of retirement plans meet their fiduciary responsibility.

Abundance Retirement Plan Solutions assists Physician Practices with their retirement plans including Third Party Administrators (TPA) Consulting, Corporate Trustee Consulting, Fiduciary Services, Pooled Retirement Plans, and Individually-Directed Retirement Plans.

CPP introduces a wonderful opportunity to work with the Medical Group of Pennsylvania.  Medical Group of Pennsylvania is an Independent Physician Association representing the interests of independent physicians and their patients. They offer a Clinically Integrated Network with a robust population health program.

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