Program Advantages

Professional liability insurance with a customized safety and risk management program for physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Physician Directed

Physician direction is a core philosophy of CPP and ensures an immediate alignment of incentives when making strategic and financial decisions! Members:

  • Elect the Board of Directors
  • Control amendments to the bylaws
  • Realize profit (in the form of any dividends paid)
  • Participate in the day-to-day operations of essential committees

While the participation of members varies, you can be assured that your interests are represented by your peers at every level of the organization.

Robust Risk Management Services at No Additional Charge

Traditionally, professional liability insurers have provided insureds with limited risk management resources and education, as an optional service. However, the CPP safety and risk management program is integrated into every insured’s practice, and includes a robust, comprehensive program provided by a team of healthcare lawyers, patient safety and risk-management professionals, physicians, and nurses.

Effective Risk Management

The CPP safety and risk management program is designed to enhance patient safety and mitigate liability risk. Over 15 years of experience has demonstrated that CPP’s unique loss control and risk management program can favorably impact the frequency and severity of claims.

A Different, Aggressive Defense

CPP’s defense of claims is proactive (rather than reactive) and uses cutting edge strategies. Early expert evaluations are the norm, using true, national experts in their fields. The defense team consists of an experienced defense trial lawyer, a physician, a nurse, and a risk manager.

Service You Deserve

IMMEDIATELY…and when it matters most! Assistance with controlling your risk starts the minute you join CPP, and when it matters most you have immediate access to risk management professionals and legal counsel. You have the full support of seasoned experts in healthcare risk management and law from the day you are introduced to the program through risk management assessment, education programs, management of events when they occur, and every day between and thereafter. 

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